Conditions of use

Thrifty Alerts and its local administrators reserve the right to fully moderate the site, which may include deleting, moving and/or IP address blocking from sellers known to be fraudulent, or otherwise misusing the site. Any and all discretion of inappropriate material is solely at the judgement of the administrator of the site.  By becoming a monthly subscriber the user agrees to pay the Monthly subscription fee, being non refundable.  Thrifty Alerts maintains the right to remove or delete inventory and user accounts if a subscription is cancelled.  Buyers be advised to not participate in out of state purchases of products.  Vendors submitting users information to other entities without permission may have their IP Address blocked and inventory deleted.  All Transactions are completely handled by the associated parties, and are in no way the responsibility of Thrifty Alerts or any of its administrators. 

We encourage vendors to not display private information in product or forum posts.

Thrifty Alerts or its administrators may move or change posts into their correct categories, change product specifications, and update user account information, with the exception of credit card information. However, administrators are instructed to notify via email all changes to vendors and their products before the change is completed.